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We can't wait for you to hear this fantastic interview with the multitalented man behind this years' hit Podcast thriller Blood Culture....Lance Dann >>>Writer, Director, Producer, Fundraising hunter, Podcasting book author, BBC Radio 4 Documentary Presenter and Academic. (And he's also rather groovy). Find out why he was beating himself up in a leather coat and headphones on in Brighton one evening, what amazing trans media tendrils are, why music was so important to the dynamic of his piece and how Blood Culture was fully funded and created and produced. Yes. Fully. Funded. AMAZING!

Look out for his book about Podcasting coming out next year. We might even write one ourselves.....





Blood Culture website

Lance Dann website

The Flickerman website

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Oriental Harp 2. by Soughtaftersounds
Copyright © 2011 Varazuvi™
Oriental Harp by Soughtaftersounds
Copyright © 2011 Varazuvi™
Helikopteri, ylilento / A helicopter, low overflight, rotor (Bell 47G2 OH-MIG) by YleArkisto
Hunters and dogs behind a boar in the south of France by felix.blume
Hamburg ship horns light by ckater
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