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Hello! We have fabulous contributions from a number of wonderful audio creatives who spend hours of fun time directing Voice Actors. What does a director of audio work actually do? We find out with varying degrees of success, hints and tips with help from:

Ed Champion, creator and producer of The Gray Area.

Eli McIlveen writer, creator and Sean Howard producer and co-creator of Alba Salix, Royal Physician.

Hari Rai Khalsa, Producer and Director of Radiation World.

Pete Lutz - Writer, Producer, Director Actor, Publicist, Sound designer, maker of t-shirts for Narada Radio Company.

So what are the kind of things you can expect a Director of an Audio Drama Or Comedy to do? Provide snacks? A back massage now 'n then? Promise no violence? Yes to all of these. Definitely more snacks. Mmmmm Chocolate Digestives..

There's a lot to be said for those who take the time to communicate with these wonderful strange beasts known as actors, and give them a ballpark to aim for - especially if they're remote/satellite. How does directing folks in a room differ from directing someone through an earpiece in a different continent, or four actors in different time zones using source connect? Why is saying 'Do Irish' not totally acceptable? Have a listen and feel free to communicate with us how YOU work. Or let us know if this podcast has been useful....

We'd LOVE to hear from you....

Fiona and Sarah

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Have you ever wondered what a Comedy producer actually does? Ed Morrish has been responsible for producing a plethora of amazing shows - mostly on Radio 4 - and you’ll have heard his name on the credits of such shows as John Finnemore’s souvenir programme, The remake of the missing episodes of Hancocks Half Hour, Spats, Lemn Sissay’s Homecoming, The Now Show, The News Quiz, Newsjack, Welcome To Our Village, Please Invade Carefully, Dilemma….the list goes on… and…its a very star studded list of awesomeness…isn’t it?

We find out why writing your project is akin to dealing with meconium….yes….really….and discover what fun can be had with live foley, just how many female comedy commissioners we have had recently, how Ed’s mum (MAYSHERESTINPEACE) (We’re Pratchett fans…this is respectful) realised that a producer ‘doesn’t actually DO anything’, top tips for what to edit out of your work before you submit it, how cool it was to recreate the Hancock’s Half Hour scripts for aural consumption, where to send voice reels, is using music cheating and what fun games John Finnemore uses to warm up his audience.

We can’t WAIT for you to hear this and hope it inspires you to get submitting some awesome comedy to a suitable Producer of your choice soon….

Ed can be found on

The BBC has a wealth of information about all of the programmes listed on their website

The Writers Room is a FANTASTIC resource for information and scripts and blogs and writing opportunities….I’m on it daily….

The Radio Drama Company are definitely worth a look at if you’re a budding voice actor...

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