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Hello! Interested in voice acting and wanting to know more, or already doing it but looking to take it up a level or more? What training opportunities are there? Where do you find jobs? How do you prepare a script, warm up, work well with your colleagues and director? What other fields do voice actors work in? We bombard this week's guests with such questions and, resilient folk that they are, they come back with some great insights and invaluable advice.

The world of voice acting for audio drama is such a varied one, we have divided it into two acts. Here, in Act 1, we had the great pleasure of talking to three professional actors:

David Ault has been quite prolific in audio drama over the last decade. He is currently working in The No Sleep Podcast

Erika Sanderson was an established stage actor before coming to audio drama. She now features in The No Sleep Podcast

Beth Eyre is a voice actor probably best known for her role as Antigone Funn in Wooden Overcoats, as well as working for The Wireless Theatre Company. She also has a range of experience, from BBC productions to theatre acting too.

Some of the many places to find voice acting roles:
Casting Call Pro
Voices Pro
Audio Drama Auditions Facebook Group

An excellent guide to setting your recording levels and positioning your microphone by Steven Jay Cohen

How to create a silent home studio by ThePodcastHost

Libsyn Vs Blubrry: Where should I host my Podcast? by

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